Model Lily Aldridge will brighten your Easter

The Easter Sunday weather is lousy where I live. It’s been raining all morning and it’s supposed to rain all afternoon into the night. We had thunderstorm raging about an hour ago. I needed some things to brighten my Easter and I have found  people to bring me sunshine. First it was actress Drew Barrymore….

Whoa! Where can we see 2014 iHack celebrity pictures?

Remember the leak of nekkid celebrity photos back in 2014? I had forgotten all about the iPhone hack that resulted in the leaked photos until I received a reminder through a Facebook message Monday morning. I sympathize with all who were struck by this misfortune, but regardless, let’s take a look at the lovelies who…

10am Model Anllela

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Celebrate the hottest girls of May Day

I bet you didn’t know I am also known as The Continental Lover. I have traveled to London and the Baltics. This is my international tribute to cool May Day chicks. Source: Celebrate the hottest girls of May Day

Celebrate the hottest girls of May Day

I bet you didn’t know I am also known as The Continental Lover. I have traveled to London and the Baltics. This is my international tribute to cool May Day chicks.

Men in love with ample assets of starlet Ariel Winter

Teen actress Ariel Winter is the new darling of male bloggers and other hot-blooded men, and I can see why. Ariel plays the nerdy Alex Dunphy on the TV series “Modern Family” and she has matured quite nicely since turning 18. Her almost daily display of cleavage is a Chest Fest that social media indulge…

Rockets’ dead glare after Warriors’ bombs burst in air

The defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors crushed the Houston Rockets 114-81 Wednesday night in Oakland to advance to the conference semifinals, then Instagrammers proceeded to bury the Rockets themselves with a hilarious array of images, memes and Crying Jordans well into the early morning. The featured image is from saveusbobman and here are the…

The hottest ladies at Bill Murray’s Caddyshack Tournament in Florida

The 16th annual Murray Brothers  Caddyshack Charity Tournament was played Friday at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Fla. Actor-comedian Bill Murray and his five brothers are the creators of the tournament, inspired by the classic 1980 comedy in which Murray starred as goofy groundskeeper Carl Spackler in a script co-written by Brian Doyle-Murray….

Dani Thorne’s 8 hottest Instagram photos will fire up your Friday

You’re a guy at the office on Friday, daydreaming about spending the weekend with your hot girlfriend or hot wife. I’m a retired 64-year-old guy at home, dreading extending my awful streak of bombed and rejected weekends but never losing my hope of finally ending it. I never give up. I always believe I will…

The only Curry I want to watch is Alex

The focus in the NBA playoffs is on Stephen Curry and the mighty Golden State Warriors, who are seeking back-to-back league titles after their record-setting 73-9 regular season. Yeah, I know Curry injured his ankle Saturday in the Warriors’ playoff-opening 104-78 victory against the Houston Rockets and I know he is listed as questionable for…

Alena Savostikova stars in Checkers and Rally’s ad

When I saw a TV ad for Checkers and Rally’s, I was more interested in the young woman who stars in it with the chain’s buttery steak burger. I did some extensive late-night research and found out that young woman is Russian model Alena Savostikova. I wish the ad was like a Carl’s Jr. commercial….

Many thanks to Thunder Treats for Cougar Madness

From the first round to the final, I enjoyed making picks in the 2016 Thunder Treats Cougar Madness Tournament. Win or lose, all the lovely ladies I picked during the tournament run gave me bright shining moments and I can’t wait for next year’s Erotic Eight and Fantasy Four. Actress Kate Beckinsale won her third…

It’s a whole new hornball game with 2016 babes of summer

I enjoy the National Pastime, and one of my favorite parts is sitting in the pressbox at a ballpark as I cover a game as a newspaper sportswriter. I come well-prepared with my laptop and my strong Wi-Fi connection, which will enable me to send my story to the newspaper without any hitches. I also…